Short-term therapy with proven & lasting results.
Rapid Resolution Therapy clears troubling emotions
and problems in one or two sessions with lasting results.
These issues include Trauma, Rape, Incest, Assault
Combat-related issues, Grief and Death. Other problems,
from the past may include Accidents, Injuries, Chronic Illness
Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress, Sexual issues, and
Physical & Emotional Abuse.
Clients find release from Anger, Rage, Resentments,
Anxiety, Fear ... Panic Attacks, Guilt and Shame

Trey Cryer
Delray Beach, Florida

"Restoring a sense of well-being."

Certified Rapid Trauma
Resolution Practitioner
Cert. Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
Certified Addiction Professional
since 1975

Addiction treatment, substance
and alcohol abuse counseling

R A P I D - R E S O L U T I O N - T H E R A P Y
is a method which eliminates emotional distresses.
RR can produce a long-lasting sense of peace
and happiness, with renewed positive
approaches in both heart and mind.
Past negative experiences and thoughts seem
to dissolve, and often after only
one session. People find healthier ways to
relate and a restored appreciation of their
natural identities and abilities.

Call for information or an appointment, Delray Beach Florida
561 901-2465

"Restoring a sense of well-being."

Trey is also an ordained minister with a
Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.)
granted through the Universal Life Church


Certified Audio-Visual Entrainment
Technician, Coach &Distributor

Education History
Institute of Rapid Resolution Therapy, Inc.
University of Miami
School of Addiction Studies

University of Buffalo, M.S., Counseling
St. Lawrence University, B.A., Business